Providing quality teaching resources for the 'computer subjects' (CAT and IT) since 1995.
We believe that all learners should be comfortable with computers as part of their lives.
Content is presented through real-life examples and scenarios, so that learners may identify with the material more easily and make it relevant to their lives / experiences.
We provide videos, PowerPoint presentations, solutions to exercises and data files for exercises - all to make life easier for teachers and learners.
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Study Opportunities publishes textbooks for the CAT and IT syllabi followed by South African secondary schools.

We have an experienced team of authors who have active and practical teaching experience in the classroom. Study Opportunities projects are a passion for every writer and this team has succeeded in making an ever-changing and often difficult subject manageable and rewarding to learners and teachers alike.

This is why we offer teachers additional support such as exam papers, videos - and a weekly ‘This Week in Tech’ blog.

E-Books: Our books are also available in e-book format. Contact our office for more information.
New Books
Grade 10 CAT

Now Available!

Thanks so much for your support and faith in us by ordering the book for your learners – and without seeing it first. We have started dispatching the books, in the sequence in which orders were received. Bulk orders are being processed first.

We firmly believe that your patience will be amply rewarded!

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This second edition has been revised and includes:

  • Updated theory, recent developments in ICT
  • Applications updated to Microsoft Office 2016
  • Over 100 practical tutorials on the included DVD
  • A fresh new layout and design A4 size (similar to the grade 12 books)

In the data file for Module 3.2 we omitted the BulliesScreenshot / BoeliesSkermkopie file. Click the filename to download the file.

We have also updated the complete .zip file on our Data page to include the missing files.
Need help / ideas with the Social Implications of computing?
Our weekly blog sums up the weeks news in tech - but not the boring technical stuff like new hardware and software releases.

Instead we focus on things that can provide talking points for your classroom - the latest trends in malware and computer crime; robotics; AI; privacy; etc., etc.

We read the news, sift out what's important, summarise it and provide links so you can check it out yourself.

We also find and link to useful videos, posters, cartoons and other resources that you can use in your classroom.

Check it out today!
CAT Grd 12 Prac Study Aid
The following study aid has been compiled for Grade 12 learners, to help them prepare for the Prelim and Final Examinations:
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