• %Providing quality teaching resources for the 'computer subjects' (CAT and IT) since 1995.
  • We believe that all learners should be comfortable with computers as part of their lives.
  • Content is presented through real-life examples and scenarios, so that learners may identify with the material more easily and make it relevant to their lives / experiences.
  • We provide videos, PowerPoint presentations, solutions to exercises and data files for exercises - all to make life easier for teachers and learners.
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YouTube Channels

We have videos on exercises in the textbooks - and on the techniques for getting things done in the various applications. These videos are free to view for everyone and can also be downloaded from YouTube.

These videos are protected by copyright and, though you may view / download them for free, you may not sell them or modify them in any way.
The videos below are exactly the same as you will find on YouTube. The big difference is that they are a bit easier to find because of the list of keywords on the left.

When you click a keyword, only the videos relevant to that keyword will be displayed. Then click on the video you want to see in the normal way.
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