• %Providing quality teaching resources for the 'computer subjects' (CAT and IT) since 1995.
  • We believe that all learners should be comfortable with computers as part of their lives.
  • Content is presented through real-life examples and scenarios, so that learners may identify with the material more easily and make it relevant to their lives / experiences.
  • We provide videos, PowerPoint presentations, solutions to exercises and data files for exercises - all to make life easier for teachers and learners.
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Our books are available in many bookshops and via school suppliers. SCHOOLS may also order directly from us.

How to order:


Through your book supplier

Follow your school’s standard order process and get your books from your preferred supplier.

Directly from us

Download and complete the appropriate order form (download links below).
E-mail the completed form to soemail
Fax to 086 293 2702
If this is your first order directly from us, please send us a fax / e-mail on your school’s letterhead - or use the supplied order form but add the school stamp.

Download Links:

Learners / Parents

Contact your local educational bookseller / supplier.
We do NOT sell books to learners or parents directly.
If you cannot find the book in a bookshop, e-mail us (soemail), and we will refer you to someone who can help with mail orders.
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086 293 2702

012 565 6469

PO Box 52654, Dorandia, 0188

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