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This Week in Tech

Great programming game - a must have for IT teachers & learners

AWESOME new game 'Human Resource Machine' is effectively a machine code level programming simulator - with great animation that illustrates how the instructions are executed. The entire computer simulator has only 11 commands. It works a little like Scratch but has specific goals and tasks that mirror a lot of what you teach in the classroom.

The game is only $9.99 and available direct from the developers but can also be found on the iOS App store, Steam, & GOG. It works on PC, MAC, Linux & iOS. You want a great game that teaches your learners to think like a programmer? Get this game for your classroom and encourage them to get copies for themselves.

27 MILLION scam messages = 2 ½ years in jail, $310 000 in fines. Sanford Wallace, the self-titled 'Spam King' has been sentenced - for Spamming Facebook users in 2008 - 2009.The wheels of justice grind slow indeed. The article detailing the spammer's misdeeds and his punishment can be found here on Boing Boing.

3DPrint.com has a story (and photos) on how a Chinese construction company 3D Printed a 400 square meter, 2 storey house.

A short while ago we spoke about deep-insert card skimmers used in ATM machines. Krebs on Security has a new article which includes video showing how these skimmers are inserted into an ATM mechanism - and retrieved.

Not IT related specifically but still amazing: CNN has an article on a man who lived 555 days without a heart. Here's the artificial heart he relied on to stay alive whilst waiting for a transplant.

Sadly, SpaceX's latest attempt to land a rocket on a barge failed - it seems as if an engine ran out of fuel and cut out before the rocket could land, resulting in an impact do hard it 'accordion' the engines on the rocket.

That's it for this week. happy teaching!

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