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This Week in Tech

AWS - Powerhouse of the cloud

So we talk about the 'cloud' a lot and explain it to our learners as using someone else's computer somewhere on the internet. We also talk about cloud services. But our real experience is often limited to consumer side use. We listen to music streamed from Spotify or Apple Music. We use Dropbox or OneDrive or iCloud of Google Drive to store files / share files or make backups. And so on, and so on. But do we really have an idea of what is involved in cloud computing, the type of services that are offered and who uses them on a B2B (business to business) level?

Whilst we may not have to teach this stuff (yet), it is probably a good idea to have a better than vague understanding of cloud computing than our learners do - and so we take a look at the example of AWS.

This week the news popped out an article talking about how Apple spends $30 Million a month on AWS (Amazon Web Services) to help power their iCloud offerings. They are not the only cloud services by using AWS.

AWS earned Amazon nearly $26 Billion in income last year.

What does AWS offer?

What other Cloud services rely on AWS?

Pinterest. Wix. Uber. Lyft. Netflix. Adobe. Ubisoft. Coursera. Smugmug. Even McDonalds (and many, many more!).

The long and the short of it is that a significant part of 'the cloud' uses and relies upon Amazon's hardware and services.

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That's it for now. Have a good week!

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