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Laser Canons, Heavy Rockets and a Spying House

Welcome back. The news this week contained some interesting tidbits - the most awe inspiring of which was Elon Musk and SpaceX's successful launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket. Besides the rocket (whose 27 engines did literally shake the earth) there's nothing of earth shaking, overwhelming importance. Let's jump straight into it then...

The Falcons have landed.

Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket in operation today (and the most powerful since the Saturn V which took humanity to the moon) completed its test launch this week. Your learners might like to know (if they don't already) that there is now a cherry red sports car (with a space suit clad mannequin in the driver's seat) on its way to Mars!

More significant and beautiful and awe inspiring was the simultaneous landing of the two booster rockets at Cape Canaveral (these rockets had both been used before). The whole launch is worth watching just for this landing.

Of course, SpaceX's rockets are completely computer controlled and the precision of that landing would be impossible without IT.


    • First rocket capable of sending people to the Moon / Mars since 1973.
    • Cost effective - carries twice the load of the second most powerful rocket at ⅓ of the cost.

Watch the video below.

Sim Swap hacks reaching the US

SIM Swapping is nothing new for South Africans. It has been part of our cyber crime landscape for yonks. Seems like that is not the case in America. Motherboard has an article on T-Mobile issuing warnings about the scam. They call it a 'phone number port out scam'. Sim Swap seems so much easier to understand...

Social media & the death of originality

The video below is a collage of people's travel photographs on Instagram. Read the article on Boing Boing to see what the photographer Oliver KMIA has to say about our obsession with photographing and posting. He also points out his video is a cliche - a copy of what others have done before...

The House IS the SPY

Gizmodo has a fascinating article that was intended to reveal how much as smart house spies on you - but ended up revealing a bigger problem with the technology...

It's just plain irritating!

South Africans need to improve their Cyber Manners

htxt.africa has an article detailing Microsoft report showing how badly South Africans behave online.

As teachers we need to make sure our learners, friends & family know better and tech others to behave better!

US Navy buys first big Laser Canon

Motherboard has the details.

Smartphones used in fighting crime in New York City

The headline of this Digital Trends article is about how New York cops are switching from Windows Lumia phones to iPhones. Read past that for some insight on how smartphones are actually used by the police.

3D Printing in full colour

If you have $50 000 - $100 000 you can get one of HPs new full colour 3D Printers. It may be unaffordable now, but is shows what kind of future is heading our way - fast!


That's it for this week. Enjoy & tech well.

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