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Cyber Crime history made

The UK started including Cyber Crime in its crime survey for the first time last year. Surveys do not include the whole population - so the statisticians who run them make projections from the data that they do receive from the survey. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) "estimated that there were 2.46 million cyber incidents and 2.11 million victims of cyber crime in the U.K. in 2015”.

Policing, especially in cyberspace, is no longer the exclusive preserve of law enforcement. The private sector, academia, and citizens themselves all need to be involved’

INTERPOL 22 January 2016

The National Crime Agency report can be found here and is very interesting reading. Particularly useful is the differentiation between Cyber dependant and Cyber Enabled crime:

  • Cyber-dependent crimes can only be committed using computers, computer networks or other forms of information communication technology (ICT). They include the creation and spread of malware for financial gain, hacking to steal sensitive personal or industry data and denial of service attacks to cause reputational damage.
  • Cyber-enabled crimes, such as fraud, the purchasing of illegal drugs and child sexual exploitation, can be conducted on or offline, but online may take place at unprecedented scale and speed.

Krebs On Security reports the article as follows: According to the NCA, cybercrime emerged as the largest proportion of total crime in the U.K., with “cyber enabled fraud” making up 36 percent of all crime reported, and “computer misuse” accounting for 17 percent. I am unable to find those figures in the document, but if correct then computer related crime adds up to 53% OF UK CRIME.

Bratwurst Bot - The Independent Robot Chef

A robot that takes orders then cooks and serves the required sausages independently recently performed flawlessly at a German Government event - delivering over 200 perfectly grilled Bratwurst! Take a look at the video of it in action over at Engadget,

New Graphics from nVidia and storage from Seagate.

nVidia's new TitanX graphics card includes 128 Gb of Ram includes 3 584 cores running at 1.5 Ghz delivering 11 teraflops of computing power. It costs $1200 (around R17 000).

Seagate has a new desktop drive with a 10 Tb capacity - that will cost you $535 (around R 7 600). For comparison the first 1Terabyte drive became available in 2007 and cost $399.

Referencing tool for Creative Commons images

We always have a problem getting our learners to reference properly. ImageCodr.org is a useful tool that will help them to generate correct references for Creative Commons images found on Flikr.

That's it for this week - happy teaching!

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