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This Week in Tech

Introductions and Intentions

Welcome to Study Opportunities' 'This week in Tech' blog.

A large part of teaching computer related subjects is keeping up with hardware, software, current events, emerging trends - and having a good grasp on possible future developments in technology. This is very hard for a busy teacher to squeeze into a schedule already crammed with prep, teaching, marking - and your school's inevitable extra-mural commitment requirements.

We'd like to introduce ourselves as part of a solution to this particular problem. Every week Study Opportunities will give you a summary of any interesting news and developments in the tech world. In addition, we will try to relate these developments to concepts / sections of the curriculum to make it easier for you to fit into your teaching stream. Finally, we will provide at least one teaching / classroom activity a month related to the contents of the blog.

You can view this blog here on our website or subscribe to our RSS feed and read us along with all your other news in your favourite news reader (we recommend Feedly).

You can also make suggestions about what you'd like to see covered in this blog - Simply send a tweet to @SO_Tech_Blog using #suggestion. Each month we'll analyse the tweet stream, find the most popular suggestion and try to create a blog post on that topic - just for you.

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