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Welcome to 2020!

With the new year comes a new change to the format and contents of the blog. We'll try to add resources and tools each week as well as a news summary. This week we take a look at something that can increase the amount of fun, competition, participation and learning experienced by your learners. We're talking about online testing / quizzing.

"...tests strengthen memory even more than do extra opportunities to study the material."
- from The effects of tests on learning and forgetting : SHANA K. CARPENTER, HAROLD PASHLER, JOHN T. WIXTED, AND EDWARD VUL.
University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, California.

There are many testing and quizzing tools out there. Some are free and others are subscription based. Some allow for a whole range of question types whilst others are basically multiple-choice on steroids.

This week we are going to take a look at one that allows for a competitive class quiz scenario with a live scoreboard that you can project so that your learners can see who is winning. The tool is:


  • Quizizz is free.
  • It also has a great, gamified feel to it which makes the quizzes feel less intimidating - and I have found that the competitive class quiz creates a buzz in the classroom and energises the learners.
  • The question types are multiple choice, true/false or select the correct answers (multiple select). This is a limited range of question types so, as much fun as it is, don't use Quizizz as your only form of assessment!
  • As a teacher you get feedback on the class average, which questions quiz takers struggle with, marks for the quiz (which can go straight into your mark book) and more.
  • Learners can take the quiz in the classroom - or at their own time at home or on any of their mobile devices (there are native apps for Android and iOS as well as a web interface).

Here are some videos that you can look at to find out more.

If you like the tool, create some quizzes and want to share them you can add them for people to find using the comments below.

News links:

Social Implications



User interface




  • Some great examples of how social engineering can be used to hack someone - the topic of social engineering is often difficult to describe or give example of. Use this to give some practical examples - and warn your learners not to do this themselves!

Finally: All about AWS


AWS - Powerhouse of the cloud

So we talk about the 'cloud' a lot and explain it to our learners as using someone else's computer somewhere on the internet. We also talk about cloud services. But our real experience is often limited to consumer side use. We listen to music streamed from Spotify or Apple Music. We use Dropbox or OneDrive or iCloud of Google Drive to store files / share files or make backups. And so on, and so on. But do we really have an idea of what is involved in cloud computing, the type of services that are offered and who uses them on a B2B (business to business) level?

Whilst we may not have to teach this stuff (yet), it is probably a good idea to have a better than vague understanding of cloud computing than our learners do - and so we take a look at the example of AWS.

This week the news popped out an article talking about how Apple spends $30 Million a month on AWS (Amazon Web Services) to help power their iCloud offerings. They are not the only cloud services by using AWS.

AWS earned Amazon nearly $26 Billion in income last year.

What does AWS offer?

What other Cloud services rely on AWS?

Pinterest. Wix. Uber. Lyft. Netflix. Adobe. Ubisoft. Coursera. Smugmug. Even McDonalds (and many, many more!).

The long and the short of it is that a significant part of 'the cloud' uses and relies upon Amazon's hardware and services.

This issue's links:

  • Robots are already running your life

That's it for now. Have a good week!


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