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Welcome back

Welcome back after the Easter break. In this blog we'll summarise the news from the holidays, and warn that the next post will only be on 6 May as the author will be away. Happy catching up!

Mastercard test fingerprints in SA

Soon forgetting your PIN / protecting your PIN might not be so important anymore. Mastercard has been trialling a card that includes a fingerprint reader in the card in conjunction with ABSA and Pick n Pay. Many articles from all over. This one from BizNews.

All is not as it seems

Our learners live in a world where they are often bombarded by images of a 'fake perfect' culture. People pose, pimp, preen, ensure the light and camera angle are just so and create that all important 'perfect' image for posting on instafacebooktwitter. These girls at Hello Giggles show the difference between their posts and what they look like most of the time.

Might be worth a discussion about perception, the need to appear perfect and reality....

Bug in Firefox, Chrome and Opera makes phishing almost impossible to detect

This one is a bit technical, but bear with me... The WWW doesn't use ASCII. Instead it prefers utf-8 a unicode character encoding that helps make it easy for browsers to display other languages and symbols. This makes it possible for the web address https://www.xn--80ak6aa92e.com/ to be displayed as apple.com in your browser. A problem for detecting phishing, because one of the first things to do is check that the name in the browser looks correct. Read more at Hackaday.

One fingerprint to rule them all

Mastercard might be too late with its fingerprint reading bank / credit card. Those pesky researchers are at it again, creating not one but a set of 'master fingerprints' that act like skleleton keys and make breaking into digital biometric fingerprint security possible. Check out the article at Digital Trends.

Facebook and murder

So a guy has issues with his girlfriend. He thinks the best way to get her attention is to walk up to a stranger, get them to say his girlfriend's name, shoot them in the head, record it all on video and then post the video to Facebook. Where it remained for three hours before Facebook took it down, despite the video being reported. Discuss.

Learn to think like a computer

An interesting piece from the New York Times on computational thinking.

Germany to parents: 'split on your kid's piracy!'

OK, so its basically a 'tell us who did it or the person paying for the internet connection pays the fine' scenario. So German parents will have to cough up for underage children but will have to choose between splitting on their adult kids piracy activities or paying the fine themselves

10m wide 4k display

Cinemas might not have projectors anymore. Samsung just revealed a 10m wide 4k LED display designed for small cinemas.

Teraco Data Center in JHB

Mybroadband has photos....

That's it for now, back in 2 weeks. Happy teaching

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